Surrender to Me

OBSESSION – Prepare to Submit.  Hand over all control, and never look back.

blonde goddess, long legs in pink high heel stilettos

Your New Ruler

I’m Kelly, but that’s *Princess* to you. I’m young, sassy, smart and naughty. I can be sweet as sugar or an evil little brat. I am a total tease and exhibitionist. Wearing skimpy outfits, being watched and drooled over is what turns Me on the most. I absolutely love showing off, being adored, and luring in weak men like you. I love pleasing you or degrading you.

There’s nothing more exciting and mischievous than seducing My way into your head, finding out what turns you to mush, then manipulating your mind like putty in My soft, feminine hand. It really turns Me on to feel My grip around your neck tightening. To feel you slipping deeper and deeper into a dark place for Me.

As I tempt you with My perfectly tight body, you tell Me your fantasy and become hypnotized with every move I make. I laugh as you fall further into your addiction – your obsession. Before you know it you will be seeing My face everywhere, unable to escape the hold I have on you.

But it feels so good because you know your submission to Me is the best thing that’s ever happened to you. You have finally found your purpose – to please and serve Me. Giving up all control, you’ll never want or be able to turn back. My long legs, soft, perky tits and round, bite-able ass will mesmerize you and keep you coming back for more.

Age – 24  Height – 5’9  Weight – 130lbs  Measurements – 34b-28-38

Meet Princess Kelly Sunshine by KellySunshinexx


21 thoughts on “Surrender to Me

  1. Thee hottest woman on the face of this earth!!! Wish princess Kelly ruled and reigned over all eternity!!!! I humbly kneel and bow down to your perfection princess Kelly!

    • I love those pink heels i would love that girl to stand full weight on my head with them & try to crush my skull with them.

  2. Dear Princess Kelly Sunshine

    I am Richard 31 yrs old and I stumbled across ur website the other evening. Basically in short, its making me addicted, I look at ur site literally all the time wank over ur pics and videos on dailymotion, I want you to start controlling me more n more n more I BEG and turn me into ur online pet that oinks for you each time you watch me I BEG you to pay me attention and guide me into a way that makes you happy I WANT TO BE CALLED A GOOD PIG for you and degrade me more and more and more to make me very helpless xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. hello Princess. i am totally submissive to You. i will do anything to please You including ass kissing and licking. Anything for Your enjoyment, princess.

  4. Princess, You are so right in everything. After serving You for weeks and working hard to be worth of being Your slave, I realize that You are a true Goddess, the most beautiful Woman on this planet, and the most powerful Princess, that can make men do everything She wants. I will work harder every day to make Your life easier. I live for You. Thank You so much for giving me this opportunity..

    • Doesn’t it feel amazing to be deep, deep under My spell? It’s like a dream every day… Your life is finally complete now that you are serving Me. It’s what you’ve always needed. It sends shivers all over your body every time you SPOIL Me & My sexy feet!!! You are all MINE!!!

  5. Greetings Goddess Kelly

    i called YOU “Goddess” because in my opinion a WOMEN divine and beautiful as YOU ,deserve a title something more worthy and worshipful. i visited YOUR website few weeks back and am very very much addicted to Your beauty, i mean i cant describe my addiction to YOU in words, now only YOU can save me, please have mercy on me, and allow me to live beneath YOUR heavenly feet, please GODDESS, i need YOU . though am a low life and non-existent , but please i pray to YOU, please hear my prayers. GODDESS KELLY

    a desperate slave

      • i dont GODDESS, i really don’t deserve to breathe the same air that You do, its just Your greatness that You are letting scums like me live on this planet, we live to please and worship You our whole pathetic and meaningless lives. ThankYou Goddess, for letting us live and giving us opportunity and a platform to worship You

  6. OMG, can´t believe the two most beautiful, blonde Princesses Kelly and Alli have met. Thank you for posting a picture of Your double perfection.
    Kisses and thanks on twenty royal toes:) – thanks, kiss, thanks, kiss, thanks, kiss, thanks, kiss…..

  7. Hi Princess Kelly.

    I’ve purchased a couple of your clips via clips4sale and wow! Definitely the best I’ve seen. How do I go about requesting a custom clip? It’s a fantasy I’m sure you will have a lot of fun filming and I know you’re the only one capable of doing it well. Thanks, Mike.

  8. Hello Princess Kelly

    I’ve been stuck in your website for the last hour staring at you. I ache to serve you and am addicted already.

    I am 31 newly married professional from Cardiff south Wales . My new and beautiful wife doesn’t know but I am a blackmail pig and have an addiction to submitting all my control and choices to young beautiful girls. I would ache to give you so much power, that I could never disobey you or you could destroy me.

    My wife is beautiful princess and I love her and would hate to lose her, but you are perfection


    Nathan Evans

  9. A true Goddess to be worshipped over and over.
    Princess Kelly should reign the world and especially all cocks.
    I must never cum without her permission and she should just keep my dick denied indefinitely.

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